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Welcome to Ashworth Valley Scout Campsite
Rules, Booking conditions and Information




The camp site operates under The Scout Association's code of practice and all users must agree and adhere to this policy.




We also have a 'Yellow Card', which all volunteers carry with them. You can view and download the card by clicking on the link below.






Charges are reviewed on 1st April each year.  Any advance booking will be adjusted to prices applicable at the date of use (not the date of booking). All cheques should be made payable to ASHWORTH VALLEY SCOUT CAMP SITE.

By agreement payments can be made by BACS to the above at Sort Code 05.07.22 A/C No .24785818


Building Hire: Please note there is a minimum booking of 2 nights (Friday & Saturday) at weekends Buildings are available:-

Weekends:  from 6pm Friday to 4pm Sunday.

Midweek:  by agreement. Groups leaving on Fridays must vacate the buildings by 1.00pm but can 

                                                                   still continue to use the site  

                          Gas & Electricity in Buildings    In addition to the building hire and camp fees there is an additional charge for gas and electricity, based on actual usage, taken from meter readings on arrival & departure

Provisional Bookings

A Provisional Booking may be re-allocated if not confirmed in writing with the deposit within 28 days of being made.

Deposits & Payments

A deposit of £50 per Building Hire period is payable upon booking. Only when a competed booking form and the deposit have been received will a formal confirmation be issued The balance of all camp fees must be paid, by cheque or cash (sorry we do not do “plastic”) before leaving the site. By agreement payment can be made by BACS


Deposits are non-returnable, unless the building is re-let, or at the discretion of the warden.

Building Recharges

In the event of any part of the building being left unsatisfactory a charge may be raised towards cleaning / repair / replacement costs.  Our aim is to provide a building that you would be happy to enter at the beginning of your hire.

If you intend to book one of the buildings, please ensure that you sign and date declaration (1) on the booking form.


Child Protection Code of Practice

Ashworth Valley is a Scout Camp Site and as such all users must agree to abide by the Scout Association’s Child Protection code of practice.  This code is contained on the ‘Young People First’ card and a link to this is provided on P7  In particular, it must be understood that any contravention of the code of practice could lead to the Scout Association initiating its own reporting and referral procedures.  If your organisation has its own child protection code of practice, please supply us with a copy.

Prior to any booking being accepted you must sign and date declaration (2) on the booking form.


Scout Association Insurance ONLY covers members of the Scout Association.  If you are a non Scout Association organisation YOU ARE NOT COVERED BY US and must arrange your own insurance cover for everything involved during your stay at the site.

If this affects your group, you must sign and date declaration (3) on the booking form before we accept your booking.

Coaches.  Sadly, there is no access for coaches. Mini-busses, vans and cars are OK

Campsite Rules

The Campsite Rules (below) should be brought to the attention of your party, particularly the adult Leadership



Equipment – Equipment provided by the site for your booked activity is checked on a regular basis. It is your duty to take care of the equipment and the facilities. If you are using your own equipment, then it is your responsibility to ensure all equipment is maintained correctly and in good working order. The site takes no responsibility for damage of own equipment or failure in own kit.

Instructors – Site provided instructors hold relevant qualifications to run said activity under guidance of Scouting. If you are providing your own instructor, then it is your duty to ensure this person is fully qualified and confident in running sessions. We will ask to see certificates numbers for your own Instructors

Booking Activities – Booking forms for activities must be returned at least 4 weeks before your camp date. This allows the site to find instructors and plan maintenance of kit and facilities. If your form is received after the 5 weeks, then the site has the right to refuse your activity booking. If an instructor cannot be found for your chosen activity, then the site may offer an alternative replacement.


Vehicles, and their contents, are left entirely at the owners risk.



(These should be brought to the attention of the group and its Leaders)


  • Book all ‘camps’ at least four days in advance.
  • Report to a staff member on arrival.
  • Park in the car parks or in areas designated by Camp Staff.   The camp Site accepts no responsibility for any damage, accidents or thefts involving users’ cars.
  • Respect the Camp Site speed limit of 5mph.
  • Look after your personal valuables and ensure that all your equipment is adequately insured. The Camp Site cannot be held responsible for any damage, by other campers or third parties.
  • Ensure that you have your own First Aid arrangements in place.  See Camp Site’s ‘Personal Accident and First Aid Procedures’.
  • Report all accidents to the duty Camp Staff. The nearest A&E Dept is at Fairfield Hospital, Bury. Organisations must also follow their respective Association’s Accident reporting procedures.
  • Protect grassed surfaces.  Altar fires and pallet bases are available from Camp Staff.  Ground fires can only be used in the designated back-woods area. At the end of your camp the ashes should be fully extinguished and the altar fire emptied into the fireplace, next to the skip. The fire and base must be returned to the Camp store.
  • Waste should be bagged securely and placed in the skip on the top car park. No pits are to be dug.  Site bins are for litter only.
  • Use wood sparingly. No large fires and please return unused wood to the woodpile.
  • Do not climb on the wood pile.
  • Do not cut down any trees, there is plenty of dead wood on the ground.
  • Use water wisely, it is on a metered supply. Water games should be held by the stream.
  • Keep the toilets and showers clean. No cooking or eating utensils to be washed in these areas.
  • Do not put waste food, nappies, plastic bags or other ‘foreign bodies’ down the toilets.  This causes major problems to the drains and septic tank.
  • Respect the multi-denominational Worship Centre, which is for ‘Scouts Own’ and similar services and should not be used for any other purpose.
  • Keep all gates closed. Do not climb over or under any fences or force a way through hedges. Field perimeter fences must be respected – the valley is on the other side.
  • Do not enter, or climb on, any of the Site buildings without permission, or interfere with any tools, machinery or equipment.
  • No loud noise before 7.30am or after 10.30pm – consider your neighbours.
  • Pay your camp fees and have a member of the Camp Staff check your site prior to departure.
  • Do not bring dogs to the site. Only Guide / Service dogs and Police dogs are allowed.


In the event of fire, raise the alarm, evacuate your area to the Fire Point below and undertake an immediate headcount to verify all are accounted for.

  • Pack Holiday centre – centre of Leech Field
  • Ranch House – centre of Leech Field or (if necessary) centre of Birtle Field
  • Birtle Field – centre of Hurst Field
  • Hurst Field – by flagpole on Birtle Field
  • Climbing Tower and ranges – by flagpole on Birtle Field
  • Staff Buildings – by flagpole on Birtle Field


Respect the Camp Site Alcohol Policy (which is in line with Scout Association Fact Sheet 185092)

  • At least two adults (depending on the nature and size of the event) should not consume alcohol.
  • Any adult consuming alcohol should be ‘off duty’ and not interact with the young people.
  • Where possible, adults should consume alcohol in an area not accessible to the young people.
  • Adults who do consume alcohol should behave in a responsible manner at all times.





Ashworth Valley Scout Camp Site is primarily a facility for Scouts and Guides with occasional use by schools and other youth organisations.

The site is administered and run by volunteers (the Warden and Assistant Wardens). They often hold other appointments in the Scout Movement and have undertaken First Aid training.

Duty Wardens are local leaders who assist at the Site at weekends

All the above are members of the Scout Movement and hold First Aid qualifications (minimum – First Response).

As all are volunteers, there are times, particularly midweek, when ‘Users’ are on site, but none of the above are in attendance.

It is incumbent on ‘users’, therefore, to

  • Ensure that their members are supervised and behave in such a way as to minimise any risk of accident.
  • Have their own First Aid arrangements on site.


First Aid Kits

All ‘Users’ should have their own First Aid Kit and someone able to deal with minor accidents.

The Camp Site has First Aid Kits in the Warden’s Office and the Duty Warden’s cabin and the Staff Hut

There is an Automated External Defibrillators located in the porch of the Staff Hut. The above Wardens are trained in its use. A key to this is left with users when no Warden’s are in attendance

There is a second machine in the porch of the Pack Holiday Centre


Telephones are located in both of the Site Offices.

Site Access and Egress

The Site gate is locked at night.

When Staff are in attendance they will open the gate as required.

When Staff are not in attendance a gate key is left with users.

The residents in the Cottage also have gate keys


In the event of an accident

Initial help should be given by any available, capable adult with immediate reference to the Leaders of the group involved.

Decisions on treatment/reference to Hospital/advising parents/carers must be made by the Leaders of the group involved.

The incident must be reported to camp Staff asap and all details recorded in the Site Accident Book.

In the event of a major accident or emergency the Warden must be contacted if not on Site.

Leaders must follow their own organisation’s procedures for internal reporting.

Emergency Numbers: Police 0161 872 5050         Ambulance.  999. Medical Advice   111

Nearest A&E Dept: Fairfield Hospital, Bury Road, Bury

Nearest ‘Walk in Centre’:    Moorgate Primary Healthcare, Derby Way, Bury

Our details: Ashworth Valley Scout Camp Site, Ashworth Road,

Bamford, Rochdale, OL11 5UP        Tel: 01706 360498